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  • lenticular

    Referring to or shaped like a lentil, such as the lens of the eye

  • leper clapper

    A type of rattle that people with leprosy were forced to carry in the 1600s. The noise made by the clapper warned people to avoid the infected person.

  • leprosy

    A chronic disease that affects the skin, mucous membrane and nerves. It is now confined mainly to the tropics and is transmitted by direct contact. Previously a widely feared disease, leprosy is not highly infectious.

  • lesion

    An abnormal structural change in a body part

  • letter - correspondence

    Pieces of correspondence that are somewhat more formal than memoranda or notes, usually on paper and delivered.

  • leucorrhoea

    A discharge of a white, yellowish, or greenish, viscid mucus, resulting from inflammation or irritation of the membrane lining the genital organs of the female

  • leukaemia

    A cancer of the blood or bone marrow. Leukaemia is caused by an abnormal growth in numbers of cells, usually white blood cells. It is a broad term covering a number of different disorders.

  • Leyden jar

    Earliest and simplest device for storing static electricity, developed c.1745 in Leyden, Holland. The original electrical capacitor, it consists of a foil-lined glass jar partly filled with water and closed with a cork through which protrudes a brass rod wired to the foil. To charge the jar, friction is applied to the tip of the rod

  • libation cup

    A libation is an offering of wine, milk, honey, or oil that was poured to honour the dead or to praise the gods.

  • lice comb

    Comb used to detect and remove head lice and their eggs from hair.

  • ligature

    A thread or string for tying the blood vessels, particularly the arteries, to prevent bleeding. The word ‘ligature’ can also refer to the action or result of binding or tying, e.g. the ligature of an artery.

  • linear dividing engine

    A machine for accurately dividing the linear scales of various measuring instruments, such as thermometers, and for producing glass graticules.

  • lithograph

    Prints made using the process of lithography - a method for printing using a plate or stone with a completely smooth surface.

  • lithotome

    instrument used for cutting the bladder in operations for removal of stones (calculous concretions); from Greek: lithos (stone) and thomos (cut)

  • lithotomy

    The operation of cutting stones from the hollow organs, such as the kidney or bladder.

  • lithotomy crutch

    to hold the patient in the lithotomy position

  • lithotomy instrument set

    Instrument set for performing lithotomies - The operation, art, or practice of cutting for stone in the bladder.

  • lithotomy staff

    The grooved director for the gorget, or knife, used in cutting for stone in the bladder

  • lithotrite

    a mechanical instrument used to crush urinary stones

  • lithotrity

    the operation of breaking a stone in the bladder into small pieces to be passed

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