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  • lithotrity instrument set

    used to perform lithotrity

  • litmus paper

    Litmus is a water-soluble mixture of different dyes extracted from lichen. It is absorbed on to filter paper and used to test for acids and alkalis – indicated by a change in the colour of the litmus paper.

  • liver

    Organ that plays a major role in metabolism, digestion, and elimintation of substances in the body.In the warm-blooded animals the liver is usually of a dark reddish-brown colour. In man it is situated below the diaphragm, and is divided by fissures into five lobes. A human can last only 24 hours without liver function.

  • lizard

    A broad group of reptile found on every continent; there are 20 families, c.3000 species. Most lizards have four limbs, external ears, and a tail. Many lizards can shed their tails in order to escape from predators, although this trait is not universal. Vision, including color vision, is particularly well developed in lizards, and most communicate with body language or bright colors on their bodies as well as via pheromones.

  • lobotomy

    A controversial surgical treatment to severe the nerves to the frontal lobe of the brain (responsible for attention, short-term memory and activities requiring planning and organization). It was used to treat severe mental illnesses but is now no longer used.

  • local anaesthetic

    A drug that reduces or removes sensations from one area of the body.

  • lodestone

    A piece of magnetic iron ore, which can act like a compass needle.

  • log book

    A book used to determine the distance a ship travels within a certain amount of time.

  • logarithmic scale

    A method of representing numbers (certainly positive and usually greater than or equal to 1) by points on a line.

  • long-sightedness

    A defect of the eye where images are produced behind the retina rather than on it. This causes objects that are further away from the viewer to appear blurred. Long-sightedness is usually treated with glasses or corrective surgery.

  • lorgnettes

    A type of spectacles usually hand held with a long ornate handle.

  • lower-body negative pressure box

    A device used to apply negative pressure to the lower body (from the chest downwards). Used to simulate the G force experienced by pilots and astronauts.

  • lozenge

    A small medicated sweet to be dissolved slowly in the mouth. Lozenges are intended to sooth and lubricate the throat.

  • LP record

    A type of long-playing record pressed in vinyl

  • lumbago

    A term used to describe mild to severe lower back pain.

  • lung

    one of the pair of organs of respiration, situated in the chest cavity on either side of the heart and enclosed by a serous membrane (see plural).

  • lymph

    Clear, slightly yellowish fluid derived from the blood and similar in composition to plasma. Lymph conveys white blood cells and some nutrients to the tissues.

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