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  • patient trolley

    used to transport patients between wards and departments

  • patron saint

    A saint believed to protect or guide a place or particular group of people.

  • pen - drawing and writing

    Hand-held instrument for writing or drawing with a colored fluid such as ink. A pen generally comprises a handle or holder and a pointed tip for distributing the fluid on the drawing surface. The term may also refer to an instrument for machine-controlled writing or drawing with ink.

  • pendant

    Hanging articles of jewellery, usually suspended from a necklace, but also includes Renaissance examples fastened to the sleeve often worn as decorative ornaments; can also be an article of devotional, magical, or mourning jewelry which then may sometimes be concealed under clothing.

  • penicillin

    The first antibiotic drug to treat infections which is made from the mould penicillium. Its discovery is attributed to Alexander Fleming in 1928.

  • penicillium mould

    A collective growth of penicillium caused by bacteria. This was how penicillin was first discovered and grown by Alexander Fleming.

  • percussion

    Practice where a doctor taps on parts of the patient’s body with his fingers or an instrument called a plessor. The resulting sounds and vibrations reveal the presence of fluid or tissue that has hardened.

  • percussor

    A small hammer, usually with soft rubber head, used to tap the body directly, in percussion of the chest or other part.

  • perfusion pump

    used for artifical perfusion

  • period

    Common term for vaginal bleeding, which happens once a month as part of a female's menstrual cycle. Periods usually last from one to five days and begin when a girl reaches puberty.

  • periodical

    A magazine or journal that is published at various intervals.

  • Personal Information Carrier

    A biometric card containing medical history and personal details of the carrier.

  • personal weigher

    weighing machine or device specifically for determing the weight of an individual person, usually but not always in a domestic environment. Characterised by weighing platform or chair, based on the steelyard lever principle (Distinct from bathroom scales)

  • pessary

    An object placed in the vagina and used to deliver medicine, as a contraceptive or as a muscle support.

  • pestle

    An elongated piece of hard material usually made of stone. A pestle is used for grinding pigments, herbs, spices or other materials in a mortar.

  • Petri dish

    A shallow dish used in science to grow micro-organisms. A Petri dish is circular, transparent and has a lid.

  • pH and blood gas analyser

    A machine used to detect the pH level of blood. The pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide can also be measured.

  • phage typer

    A machine used to identify phages - a virus that attacks bacteria.

  • phallus

    An object shaped like a penis

  • pharmacy

    The preparation and medicinal dispensing of drugs.

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