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  • profound mental retardation

    A level of mental retardation or mental disorder associated with an IQ below 20.

  • prolapse

    The falling down or sinking, of a part. To fall out of place.

  • prostheses

    Artificial body parts, or materials inserted into tissue for functional, cosmetic, or therapeutic effect. Prostheses can be functional (artificial arms and legs), or cosmetic (artificial eye).

  • prosthetic appliance

    used to replace hands

  • protection

    The act or instance of warding off a threat, or preserves somone or something from injury or harm.

  • protective spectacles

    Type spectacle with strenghened glass or other transparent medium to protect against flying particles, but not providing correction for defective vision.

  • protein

    Proteins are large organic compounds made of amino acids. They are essential to all living cells and organisms.

  • prototype - object genre

    Original form of an object, which is used as an example. Whenever a new design for a building or machine is being developed, a prototype will be made. The prototype is often a smaller version of the final product.

  • psychiatric hospital

    Psychiatric hospital specialising in the treatment of serious mental illness, usually for relatively long-term patients.

  • psychiatry

    A branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.

  • psychotropic drug

    A term used to describe drugs that affect mood and the mind.

  • public notice

    A form of information directed to citizens of a governmental body regarding government-related activities. Public notices have traditionally been published in specified governmental publications and in local newspapers, a common source for community information.

  • puerperal fever

    A blood infection suffered by some mothers soon after birth. The main symptom is a fever in the first 24 hours following delivery.

  • pulmonary tuberculosis

    A deadly airborne disease which attacks the lungs.

  • pulse

    The throbbing of the arteries as blood flows through them. The pulse matches the rate at which the heart is beating.

  • pulse glass

    An instrument consisting of a glass tube with terminal bulbs, containing ether or alcohol, which the heat of the hand causes to boil - so called from the pulsating motion of the liquid when thus warmed. Using a pulse glass in an experiment demonstrates Charles' law, that the volume of a given amount of dry ideal gas is directly proportional to the temperature if the amount of gas and the pressure remains fixed.

  • pump - machinery

    A device or machine that can compress and transport fluids or gases by pressure, suction, or both.

  • pustule

    A small inflammation of the skin, containing pus.

  • putrefaction

    The process of bacteria decomposing proteins, often leaving a strong and unpleasant smell.

  • puzzle

    Use for recreational artifacts designed as amusements or diversions by presenting constructional difficulties to be solved by ingenuity or patient effort

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