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Curved sensor net used to record electrical signals of the brain, Europe, 1990-1998

Sixty-four electrodes form this geodesic sensor net, which picks up weak electrical signals from the brain. This net was used at the Cognitive Development Unit at University College London to investigate how young babies recognise faces. Recordings of the electrical signals of the brain are known as electroencephalograms (EEGs).

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Glossary: geodesic sensor net

A large number of electrodes that are placed on a person's head. Used to record weak electrical signals of the brain.

Glossary: cognitive behavioural therapy

Type of therapy using analysis of behaviour and thought patterns. The patient is encouraged to analyse his or her specific ways of thinking around a problem. The therapist then looks at the resulting behaviour and the consequences of that thinking and tries to encourage the patient to change his or her cognition in order to avoid adverse behaviour or its consequences.