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Electrocoticography set, Brazil, 1991-2000

This frame consisting of a series of electrodes is known as an electrocorticography set. This is a type of test used to stimulate and record the electrical signals of areas of the brain by placing the electrodes directly on to its exposed surface. Areas of the brain can then be mapped using this set. One of the main uses of this technique is in the treatment of severe epilepsy. The set was made by Micromar Ind Com. Ltd, who also donated the object to the Science Museum’s collections.

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Glossary: electrocorticography set

electroencephalography ( EEG, is a neurological test that uses an electronic monitoring device to measure and record electrical activity in the brain) with the electrodes applied directly to the cerebral cortex.

Glossary: electrodes

A conductor which enables a current to go in or out of a particular object, substance or region.