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Wax male anatomical figure, Italy, 1750-1774

The wax and plaster model is a deep dissection of a male body to show the veins, arteries and kidneys. This figure is the original model for a large wooden statue at the University of Bologna, used to teach anatomy. It is believed the model was made by Anna Manzolini (1716-1774). Manzolini was made a lecturer of anatomy at the University of Bologna in 1755. From 1760 until her death in 1774 she was the professor of anatomy at the university with the added title of Modellatrice, which means “Model maker”. Her models were famous throughout Europe for their accurate anatomical detail. This model was bought with a similar figure (A600130) in Italy for 400 lira.

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Glossary: anatomical figure

Highly detailed models of the full human figure for artists, teachers and medical practitioners.

Glossary: anatomy

A branch of medical science concerned with the structure of living organisms.

Glossary: tuberculosis

An infectious disease that is caused by a bacterium first identified by Robert Koch in 1882. The disease usually affects the lungs first, and is accompanied by a chronic cough.

Glossary: dissection

The cutting apart and separation of body tissues for the purposes of critical examination. Dissection of corpses is often carried out for the study of anatomy.