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Dental anaesthetic syringe, cased with accessories, England, 1885-1900

Numbing the mouth during dental treatments relieves the patient of pain. This syringe was used with an anaesthetic such as cocaine. The syringe barrel is stamped with the name of the maker and the date it was patented. Parke, Davis and Co., who made this syringe, was well known for producing cocaine-based products in the 1870s.

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    Glossary: anaesthetic syringe

    syringe used to administer anaesthetic particularly in dentistry

    Glossary: anaesthetic

    An agent that causes insensitivity to pain. Applied to either the whole body (general anaesthetic) or a particular area or region (local anaesthetic).

    Glossary: dentistry

    The study, treatment and management of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, gums, teeth and their supporting tissues.

    Glossary: cocaine

    White, crystalline powder extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. Once used as a local anaesthetic, it is now an illegal drug. It is habit-forming and harmful to the body.