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Gould-type microscope, London, England, 1820-1850

This microscope was developed between 1820 and 1827 by Charles Gould, an English microscope maker, and was first described in a catalogue in 1827. It is a portable microscope which can be folded into its box. The box also contains extra lenses, ivory specimen slides, forceps and a knife for mounting, and an aquatic box used to study objects in water. It is also known as a Cary-Gould microscope, referring to the fact that Gould was an apprentice to William Cary (1759-1825), another optical instrument maker, during the time this microscope was designed. This microscope was made by Dolland, a family run scientific instrument making business.

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Glossary: microscope

Instrument that provides a magnified view of an object being studied usually by optical means. Electrons, X-rays and ultra-violet light can be used instead of visible light

Glossary: microscopy

The use of microscopes to study objects or samples. The three major types of microscopy are optical, electron and scanning probe microscopy.