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Mobile x-ray machine for use on hospital wards, England, 1940-1955

X-rays allow physicians and surgeons to see inside the body to help diagnose or monitor the patient’s problem. If patients required X-rays but were bed bound due to their age or condition, this mobile machine could be wheeled to their ward. Although quite rare in hospitals before the First World War, by the 1930s almost every hospital in the United Kingdom had an X-ray department. The machine was made by A E Dean Co Ltd, with an ‘Aeromax 8’ tube by Machlett X-ray Tubes Ltd.

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Glossary: x-ray machine

An X-ray machine is a device used by radiographers to acquire an x-ray image. They are used in various fields, notably medicine and security.

Glossary: x-ray photograph

An internal image of the body that is produced by exposing a photographic plate to X-rays.