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Packet of two field dressings, London, England, 1940

Soldiers of nearly all the nations involved in the First World War would be expected to carry a so-called First Field Dressing, or an equivalent. This was a basic emergency kit containing a length of gauze, a small bandage pad, a safety pin and an ampoule of iodine (later replaced by a mild antiseptic). It was intended to provide immediate first aid

Object number:

1981-1578 Pt1

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Glossary: ampoule

A sealed glass or plastic capsule containing one dose of a drug in the form of a sterile solution for injection.

Glossary: antiseptic

A chemical that destroys or holds back the growth of bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. It can be used to cleanse skin wounds and treat some internal infections if it is sufficiently non-toxic.

Glossary: field dressing

A type of bandage carried by soldiers for immediate use in case of wounds.