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Doyen-type clamp used in hysterectomy, Paris, France, 1880-1910

This clamp was used to prevent heavy bleeding between the uterus and the ovaries during a hysterectomy through the abdomen. This was a constant fear during the operation. The pressure of the clamp could be varied and applied in a number of areas at the same time. It was probably invented by Eugène-Louis Doyen (1859-1916), a French surgeon renowned from his skill and speed who invented a large number of surgical instruments to aid his work. Controversially, Doyen was filmed performing a hysterectomy. Later, copies of the film were illicitly distributed in fairgrounds and amusement parks.

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Glossary: hysterectomy

The operation of removing the uterus, through either the abdominal wall or the vagina.

Glossary: clamp

An instrument for compression of a structure

Glossary: abdomen

Part of the body located below the chest. It contains the digestive organs (stomach, kidneys, intestines, liver, etc). In women it also contains the ovaries and uterus.