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'Tabloid' first aid kit used on the first direct transatlantic flight by airship, London, England, 1913-1919

‘Tabloid’ brand first aid kits made by Burroughs, Wellcome & Co were given to explorers and influential people packed with the company’s products of the day in a shrewd attempt to promote the product. The first aid kit was used on the first transatlantic flight by airship, in July 1919. The British team flew to New York from England and returned within 183 hours. The kit also contains a booklet on first aid, although the second half of the book advertises other Tabloid chests.

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Glossary: first aid kit

A kit designed to give help to an injured person until proper medical treatment is available

Glossary: first aid

Treatment that is rendered initially for the care of an emergent condition. It is usually performed by a lay person to a sick or injured patient until definitive medical treatment can be accessed