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'Capsulin' oral insulin pill, United Kingdom, 2007

‘Capsulin’, an oral insulin pill, is a potentially safer and more convenient way for people with diabetes to regulate their insulin levels. Diabetology Ltd, who make the tablet, have proposed that taking insulin orally rather than by injection more accurately mimics the natural emission of insulin from the pancreas. When injected into the body, insulin does not penetrate the skin easily. Other non-injecting methods of regulating insulin levels include inhalers and patches.

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    Glossary: diabetes

    This term refers to any form of metabolic disorder characterized by extreme thirst and excess urine production.

    Glossary: insulin

    A hormone that causes the body's cells to take up glucose from the blood. (Diabetes is the loss of control of the body's levels of insulin.)

    Glossary: tablet

    Also known as a pill, it is made by compressing a powdered form of one or more drugs. It is usually taken by mouth, but may be inserted into a different body cavity.