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Face mould for administering radiotherapy, Europe, 1962-1965

Radiotherapy treatment for cancer needs to be targeted accurately as the treatment can damage surrounding healthy cells. Here, a plaster cast was prepared of the person’s face from which a Perspex (a type of acrylic plastic) mould was made. The Perspex mould would then be used to hold the patient’s head in a fixed position, allowing the treatment area to be accurately marked. This example was used at St Luke’s Hospital in Guilford, Surrey, England. Some hospitals give their patients the opportunity to take their masks when they finished their treatment as a symbol of their recovery. It is shown with a similar example (1990-112/5.)

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Glossary: face mould

No description.

Glossary: radiation therapy

A type of medical treatment that uses high energy radiation such as X-rays.

Glossary: exploratory surgery

A surgical operation used to determine the cause of a patient's symptoms.