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Bottle of tetanus vaccine, Germany, 1911-1915

This tetanus antitoxin is given to people in order to counteract the bacteria that cause tetanus. It was manufactured in Dresden, Germany. The name of the manufacturer is Sächsisches Serumwerk GmbH, which translates from the German as “Saxony Serum Works”.

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Glossary: immunisation

A process that improves a organism's ability to resist or overcome infection.

Glossary: tetanus

An acute infectious disease, affecting the nervous system. Infection generally occurs through contamination of a wound. Symptoms include a locked jaw, arching of the back or neck and the inability to urinate.

Glossary: antitoxin

An antibody, a type of protein, which is produced to counter-act any bacterial toxins present in the body. It combines with toxins (antigens) in the blood and neutralises them.