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'Tabloid' first aid super pocket kit used on US Antarctic expedition of 1939-1941, United States, 1939

‘Tabloid’ brand first aid kits made by Burroughs, Wellcome & Co were given to explorers and influential people packed with the company’s products of the day in a shrewd attempt to promote the product. This first aid kit belonged to Finn Ronne (1899-1980), an American-Norwegian polar explorer on an expedition to Antarctica during 1939-1941. Ronne was second in command. Handwritten on the canvas case are all the places Ronne visited during his journey, including the 1,200-mile sledge trip. On the reverse of the tin is a map of Antarctica with a red line showing his route.

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Glossary: first aid kit

A kit designed to give help to an injured person until proper medical treatment is available

Glossary: first aid

Treatment that is rendered initially for the care of an emergent condition. It is usually performed by a lay person to a sick or injured patient until definitive medical treatment can be accessed

Glossary: exploration

No description.