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Laryngoscope with mirrors and brush, Paris, France, 1870-1900

This laryngoscope was designed to be mounted on the chimney of an oil lamp. Enough light was provided to view an area of the throat known as the larynx. This type of laryngoscope was probably developed by Charles Fauvel (1830-95). He was a pioneer of larynigology in France. Larynigology is the study of the larynx (voice box) and its diseases. Earlier examples used sunlight or light from an adjacent oil lamp. Instruments such as this allowed physicians to describe and diagnose diseases of the ear, nose and throat. They also inspired doctors to specialise in this field. This laryngoscope was made by Paris-based instrument maker Henry Galante.

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Glossary: laryngoscope

An instrument used to examine the larynx

Glossary: clinical diagnosis

A diagnosis given based on the signs and symptoms of a disease.