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Copy of relief depicting an Egyptian birth chamber, 31 BCE-14 CE

Copy of relief depicting an Egyptian birth chamber, 1900-1936 This panel is a copy of a relief from the wall on the birth house within a large temple complex in Dendera, Egypt. The original was carved between 31 BCE and 141 CE. This was when the birth house was constructed as a cult shrine. It was dedicated to the marriage of the gods Amun and Hathor and the birth of their son, Ihy. The original carving dates from the Roman period. It is one of the figures believed to represent the then Roman emperor, Trajan. The birth house was attached to the temple of Hathor. It was constructed to unify the Egyptian religion by assimilating its deity into the more prominent cult of Horus.

Object number:

A634739 Pt1

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Glossary: relief

Use for images, especially pictorial compositions, executed in relief - a surface that has been carved, molded, or stamped so that an image or design projects from or is sunk into a continuous surface.

Glossary: obstetrics

A branch of medicine dealing with the care of women. This care occurs during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of recovery from childbirth.

Glossary: replica

Use for precise reproductions of valued objects, usually in the same dimensions as the original. For reproductions of an image alone, use "reproductions" or "facsimiles." Use also when more than one similar object is produced by the same artist, craftsman, or studio, with little or no variation between them; if variation is apparent, use "versions." Distinct from "forgeries" and "counterfeits," which are produced with the intent to deceive.

Glossary: classical and medieval medicine

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