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Set of four bronze toilet implements, Egypt, 1500-1001 BCE

Cosmetics were common in Ancient Egypt. They often had religious significance. This set of toilet implements was made around 3000 years ago in Egypt. They were possibly for general bathroom use and applying cosmetics. The small ring has four implements hanging from it: a pair of tweezers, a pointed object much like a kohl stick, a flat blunt-ended tool, possibly for mixing cosmetics and a small blade. Many implements used for cosmetics may also have been used to prepare and apply medicines to the body.

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Glossary: toilet accessory

Piece of equipment that is associated with the toilet or personal hygiene routine such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs etc

Glossary: classical and medieval medicine

No description.

Glossary: cosmetic applicator

Brush, stick or impliment for applying cosmetics to the body