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Full dentures, England, 1890-1900

The first individual porcelain teeth were made by Italian dentist Guiseppangelo Fonzi (1768-1840) in 1808. The base is made from vulcanite (a form of hardened rubber). Vulcanite was introduced as a denture plate material in 1855. It had become almost universally used by the end of the century. This was despite the commission payable on each denture to patentees the Hard Rubber Company. Vulcanite is naturally brown. Ways were devised to give it a more natural appearance.

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    Glossary: dentistry

    The study, treatment and management of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, gums, teeth and their supporting tissues.

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    Artificial replacement of one, several, or all of the natural teeth especially ones not permanently anchored in the mouth.

    Glossary: vulcanisation

    The process of treating rubber or rubber-like materials with sulphur at high temperatures. This is to either improve strength and elasticity or to harden.