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Child’s rocking cradle, Europe, 1500-1650

Richly illustrated biblical scenes adorn this rocking cradle. It was almost certainly created for a wealthy or important infant. The initials H. D. are presumably the child’s. They are carved out of the base and also painted into a shield at the head end of the crib. The cradle is made of wood and is ornately carved with foliage and birds. It also features angels on the foot end overlooking the child. A biblical scene is painted on each of the four faces. One shows Saul expelling David. The others are possibly scenes from King David’s reign. At best, most infants had simple wooden cribs. This child was lucky enough or wealthy enough to have a custom-carved deluxe model.

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Glossary: childcare

The caring for or supervising of a child or children.

Glossary: cradle

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