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'Model 8' folding wheelchair, England, 1953-1963

The ‘Model 8’ wheelchair dates from the 1950s. It is a fairly basic design. It is an example of a low cost, mass-produced wheelchair from this era. The chair is one of many designs based on the revolutionary X-frame folding wheelchairs. These were developed in the 1930s by Americans Herbert Everest and Harold Jennings. The Model 8 was used in hospitals, nursing homes and private establishments. Its ability to fold up for storage was a bonus. It has a canvas upholstery slung seat and rudimentary brakes operated by levers on both wheels. The wheelchair was made by Dingwall. It can be manoeuvred by either the patient via the metal rims attached to each wheel or an assistant pushing the chair.

Object number:

1979-811 Pt11



Glossary: orthopaedics

The branch of medicine concerned with the preservation and restoration of the muscular and skeletal systems in the body.

Glossary: wheelchair

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