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Ballpoint pen advertising telephone counselling service, Bristol, England, 1984

'Dial a Shrink’ services of J. B. Norman, Consultant Psychologists of Park Street, Bristol, England are advertised by this plastic ballpoint pen. It is shaped like a telephone handset. ‘Dial a Shrink’ was a telephone counselling service. It started in America then spread internationally. Its 24-hour helpline offered the patient on-the-spot advice without booking an appointment.

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Glossary: pen - drawing and writing

Hand-held instrument for writing or drawing with a colored fluid such as ink. A pen generally comprises a handle or holder and a pointed tip for distributing the fluid on the drawing surface. The term may also refer to an instrument for machine-controlled writing or drawing with ink.

Glossary: psychiatry

A branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.