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Diagnostic X-ray set, London, England, 1924-1929

The portable X-ray machine shown here was bought by Dr Noel Hypher for £100 in the late 1920s. Dr Hypher ran a private practice and used this X-ray machine to treat and diagnose a range of patients. He transported the X-ray equipment and visited patients from the local TB clinic, dentist and veterinary practice. The portable unit was used on race horses too. During the Second World War, the machine was used to check for metal weakness in Spitfire and Hurricane aeroplanes. The diagnostic X-ray set, complete with control unit and diagnostic couch, was made by Alfred E. Dean and Co. London. It was donated to the Science Museum by Dr. Hypher’s son in 1987.

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Glossary: x-rays

A wave of electromagnetic radiation that has high energy and short wavelength. It is able to pass through many materials, except those of high density such as metals or bones. Discovered in 1895 by William Roentgen.

Glossary: x-ray set

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