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Patient Ventilator, United States, c. 1969

An infant born prematurely and with low birth weight needs help with their breathing. This is because their respiratory system is not mature enough for them to breathe unaided. This ventilator can be operated automatically to allow a flow-sensitive supply of air to be delivered to a patient through a valve. This assists breathing only as necessary. It works if the patient inhales, but if they do not then the machine operates after a pre-set time interval. This unit was used in the neo-natal special care baby unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, England, from 1970 until 1986. Herbert Lincoln Gage Jr patented the ventilator in the US in 1966. He assigned his patent rights to maker Bennett Respiration Products, Inc. of Santa Monica, California.

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Glossary: hospital

An institution providing health care for individuals. This usually takes the form of medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for ill or injured people

Glossary: ventilator

A machine which mechanically assists patients in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Often used when a patient has difficulty breathing.