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Copy of Ambroise Paré’s operating table, London, England, 1912

Innovative French surgeon Ambroise Paré (c. 1510-90) served as royal surgeon for French kings including Henri II. Paré joined the French army in 1536 after being apprenticed to a barber. He spent much of the next 30 years as a military surgeon. He improved or invented many techniques, especially in treating war wounds. The Wellcome Institute Museum Workshops made this copy of Paré’s operating table in 1912 from descriptions left by Paré himself. The bowl attached to the table via an adjustable clamp held sponges and medical instruments needed during surgery.

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Glossary: copy - derivative object

Refers to objects derived from or made to resemble original existing objects. Implies less precise and faithful imitation than does the term "reproductions." When copies are presented with intent to deceive, use "forgeries" or "counterfeits." When more than one similar work is produced by the same maker, use "replicas" or "versions."

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