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Replica of Ayurvedic surgical instrument representing a wolf, India, 1901-1930

Ancient instrument designs incorporated the heads of animals. This replica example represents a wolf. This is apt because the ‘mouth’ has sharp edges for cutting. The original was likely used within Ayurvedic medicine. This ancient medical tradition has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. Surgery (Shalya-chikitsa) is one of the eight branches of Ayurvedic medicine. However, it is now a diminished element in Ayurvedic practice. The Susrata Samhita is a classic text of Ayurvedic medicine. It describes a range of surgical practices. It was written by Hindu surgeon Susrata who practiced from about 500BCE.

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Glossary: Ayurveda

An Indian medical tradition. Literally translated it means ‘Life Science’ and promotes mental and physical health through balancing biological elements. Ayurveda focuses on exercise, massage, yoga and meditation.

Glossary: replica

Use for precise reproductions of valued objects, usually in the same dimensions as the original. For reproductions of an image alone, use "reproductions" or "facsimiles." Use also when more than one similar object is produced by the same artist, craftsman, or studio, with little or no variation between them; if variation is apparent, use "versions." Distinct from "forgeries" and "counterfeits," which are produced with the intent to deceive.

Glossary: surgery

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Glossary: surgical instrument

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