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Specimen jar of nigella sativa seeds from India, 1880-1930

Nigella sativa seeds (shown on the left) are collected from a white flowering plant native to the Mediterranean and grown worldwide. The seeds or oil pressed from them are used to treat asthma and breathing problems, and aid digestion. New clinical tests are exploring how the seeds may treat allergies, hepatitis and diabetes. The seeds are shown here with nux vomica seeds (A667992).

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Glossary: sample

Individual units, segments, or small quantities taken as evidence of the quality or character of the entire group or lot

Glossary: diabetes

This term refers to any form of metabolic disorder characterized by extreme thirst and excess urine production.

Glossary: asthma

A common condition in which the airways go into spasm and become constricted. It causes wheezing, coughing and difficulty in breathing. It is often a reaction to hypersensitivity, but can also be triggered by exercise or stress.