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Jar of ajwain seeds from India, 1901-1930

Powdered ajwain seeds, shown on the far left, aid digestion and help digestion-related complaints such as diarrhoea and heartburn. The seeds contain thymol, which freshens the breath and is used as an antiseptic. Ajwain seeds are used in Ayurvedic medicine. They are prepared by a herbalist or in the home. The seeds are shown here with two other plants used in medicines, areca nuts (A669305) and gum ghatti (A669306)

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Glossary: sample

Individual units, segments, or small quantities taken as evidence of the quality or character of the entire group or lot

Glossary: heartburn

No description.

Glossary: diarrhoea

Frequent movement of the bowels, commonly in liquid form.

Glossary: antiseptic

A chemical that destroys or holds back the growth of bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. It can be used to cleanse skin wounds and treat some internal infections if it is sufficiently non-toxic.

Glossary: Ayurveda

An Indian medical tradition. Literally translated it means ‘Life Science’ and promotes mental and physical health through balancing biological elements. Ayurveda focuses on exercise, massage, yoga and meditation.