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Upper limb prostheses, 1959

Made for a 17 year-old boy in 1959, this upper limb set consists of hinged metal upper arms and forearms with fully automatic rotating and locking elbows. This allows a range of movements. These are attached to blocked leather shoulder caps joined back and front by straps and buckles. The left hand has rigid fingers. The right hand has three wooden articulated fingers and a rigid index finger. This indicates the boy was right-handed. Arm movement is controlled by cables crossing the back of the body and fixed to the waist belt. A forward thrust of the appropriate shoulder locks the elbows. An upward thrust flexes the arm.

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Glossary: orthopaedics

The branch of medicine concerned with the preservation and restoration of the muscular and skeletal systems in the body.

Glossary: prosthetic appliance

used to replace hands