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Motorised scanner couch, 1957

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This adjustable couch was used in conjunction with an overhead ‘scintillation’ scanner. The scanner produced images of the body for clinical diagnosis. The patient lay on the couch underneath the scanner. The couch was then adjusted to view the appropriate region of the body such as the liver, thyroid, kidney or brain. Two electric motors drive the floating top of the couch. One is for horizontal adjustments and the other for vertical adjustments. This motorised scanner couch was state-of-the-art in the 1950s. It was superseded by advances in medical technology and taken out of service by the late 1970s.

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Glossary: clinical diagnosis

A diagnosis given based on the signs and symptoms of a disease.

Glossary: x-ray accessory

A term that can be applied to any of the accessories needed to safely complete an X-ray scan. These can include: units for processing the X-ray pictures; equipment to protect the person taking the photo from radiation; aids to help the taker correctly position the X-ray machine.

Glossary: patient's couch

No description.