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'Wrist Trainer', artificial lower arm, England, 1998

The ‘Wrist Trainer’ is an artificial lower arm. It is made of synthetic rubber to simulate skin and connective tissue. It was used by medical students to practice surgical skills, specifically injections for conditions such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is where the nerves in the wrist become compressed. The arm is attached to a feedback console. This illuminates various LED lights to indicate if the needle is correctly placed or if a nerve is hit. Bristol-based company Limbs & Things Limited began manufacturing 3D synthetic limbs in 1990. This was in response to the rapid growth of small scale surgical operations undertaken by the NHS. Highly realistic models were needed for students and doctors to hone their skills before ever seeing a patient.

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A tool used by teachers, facilitators, or tutors to help learners improve reading and other skills,or to illustrate or reinforce a skill, fact, or idea. They can often combat anxiety or boredom, as many teaching aids are like games.

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Artificial body parts, or materials inserted into tissue for functional, cosmetic, or therapeutic effect. Prostheses can be functional (artificial arms and legs), or cosmetic (artificial eye).

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