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Moorees form boards from Rowntrees chocolate factory, United Kingdom, 1921-1939

Chocolate packers at Rowntrees Cocoa Works in York were selected using this Moorrees form board. This selection method lasted 30 years. The candidate’s score was based on the number of coloured wooden pieces they slotted into the board in the correct sequence in three minutes. Seebohm Rowntree said it helped ‘those existing workers who feel they are round pegs in square holes’. The form board is named after its developer, Victor Moorrees. He was an industrial psychologist working at Rowntrees to assess staff efficiency and productivity. In this case the form board was used to look for vocational aptitude. However, form boards like this were more commonly used in relation to psychology and mental health where they were used to assess tactile recognition, memory for shapes and spatial awareness.

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