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Life-size anatomical chart, United Sates of America, 1885-1900

‘White’s Physiological Manikin’ is a life-size male anatomical chart. Foldout sections illustrate tissue groups and sectional views of the body and these peel away to reveal internal organs and muscles. The chart may have been used at travelling anatomy shows open to the public, where the audience was invited to “Know Thyself” to take better care of themselves and their families. Charts and models were used for teaching. This was partly due to the availability of real bodies and the difficulties they entailed. The model was produced by James T. White and Company in New York. A book was issued along with the model, entitled ‘The essentials of physiology and hygiene: A text-book to accompany White’s physiological manikin’.

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Glossary: manikin

Models of the human body used for teaching anatomy or demonstrating surgical operations.

Glossary: anatomy

A branch of medical science concerned with the structure of living organisms.