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Mouse showing agouti fur, England, 1999

Mouse showing agouti fur, England, 1999

Credits: Science Museum

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The mouse labelled number one shows agouti fur – alternating black and yellow coloured individual hairs caused by chromosome 2. Genes that control inherited traits such as hair and eye colour are located on specific chromosomes. Agouti is also the name of genes that control hair colour. It is shown here with four other mice with different fur colours and types caused by chromosomal changes. All were donated by the Medical Research Council’s Harwell Research Centre, a research institute dedicated to using mouse genetics to help understand human disease.

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Glossary: genetics

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Glossary: mouse

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Glossary: gene

Part of the nucleus of a cell that determines how our bodies function. Genes are passed from parents to children.

Glossary: bioengineering

The development of artificial replacement limbs, organs and tissues. It also refers to the use of plants in controlling erosion and in landscape restoration.

Glossary: chromosomes

The basic elements of DNA - carriers of genetic information.