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Copy of a patient's record holder, Glasgow, Scotland, 1925-1927

Copy of a patient's record holder, Glasgow, Scotland, 1925-1927

Credits: Science Museum

This is a copy of record holder used in one of the surgical wards at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary where Joseph Lister (1827-1912) pioneered antiseptic techniques from 1860-1869. Hung from a patient’s bed, all the important information could be recorded such as age, name, sex, disease, religious denomination, insurance details and operation details. It is probable that the record would have been kept and filed for future reference after the patient had left the hospital. This copy was made in 1927 to celebrate one hundred years since Joseph Lister’s birth.

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Glossary: antisepsis

The practice of using antiseptic drugs to eliminate harmful micro-organisms.

Glossary: card holder

Devices or contrivances by which, or containers in which, something is held i.e. a card.