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  • Steam Engine

    The Steam Engine changed the future in 1712

    What links this massive machine with today's changing climate?

  • Stephenson's Rocket

    Stephenson's Rocket changed the future in 1829

    It's the most famous steam locomotive in the world... but what makes it so special?

  • Electric Telegraph

    The Electric Telegraph changed the future in 1837

    Using only 20 letters, how did this odd-looking machine make the world a smaller place?

  • X-ray Machine

    The X-ray Machine changed the future in 1895

    Looking inside the body was tricky before the discovery of X-rays. What did it mean for medicine?

  • Model T Ford

    The Model T changed the future in 1908

    Motoring for the masses begins. Imagine swapping your horse for this handsome creature...

  • Penicillin

    Penicillin changed the world in 1928

    A life-saving medicine made from mould? Would you have believed it?

  • V2 Rocket Engine

    The V2 Rocket Engine changed the future in 1944

    The Nazis built it to fire missiles at London. So why have we chosen a weapon of war to celebrate our centenary?

  • Pilot ACE Computer

    The Pilot ACE Computer changed the future in 1950

    In a world where computers could only do one thing, how slow could you bear to go?

  • DNA Double Helix

    The DNA Double Helix changed the future in 1953

    Imagine how you'd feel if you thought you had discovered the secret of life...

  • Apollo 10 Capsule

    The Apollo 10 Capsule changed the future in 1969

    How far? How fast? How on Earth? Forty years later we ask: would I have been as brave?

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