Apollo 10 Capsule

The Apollo 10 Capsule changed the future in 1969

How far? How fast? How on Earth? Forty years later we ask: would I have been as brave?

The future then...

It's Apollo's anniversary too – 40 years ago, three astronauts travelled to the Moon and back, inside this cramped capsule. The success of the mission paved the way for the Apollo 11 Moon landing two months later – humankind's first steps on another world.

The future now...

Scientists would love to return to the lunar surface, but where else could we be landing in the future? For years people have talked about a mission to Mars, but some experts now think an asteroid could be the next stop.

'When I look at Apollo 10, I imagine it hurtling through space while the astronauts inside look back at Earth. I'm totally in awe of the people who worked on it, and risked their lives to explore space.'

Mamoun Ashraf, IT Manager

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