Model T Ford

The Model T changed the future in 1908

Model T icon

Motoring for the masses begins. Imagine swapping your horse for this handsome creature...

The future then...

The Ford Motor Company created the Model T by applying mass production techniques on a vast scale. This simple, affordable car brought motoring to the masses and changed manufacturing for ever.

The future now...

Mass production is still very important today, but what about the future? Production may shift from the factory to the home with a ‘3D printer’. In 20 years, instead of buying a new digital camera, we might download the design and ‘print’ it for ourselves.

‘I’d love to buy a Model T and do it up. I’m a fan of all classic cars, but the Model T is special. It changed so many lives - imagine buying a car after using horses your whole life.’

Richard Horton, Object Conservator

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