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Launchpad open for Key Stage 2 bookings

Kids in Launchpad gallery


*** Please note that KS2 days in Launchpad are fully booked for April 2015. ***

Launchpad is reserved for particular age groups in particular days. This is to ensure that all children can access the hands-on exhibits at their own pace and can collaborate with other pupils of a similar age.

Please check the calendar below for dates when the gallery is open for Key Stage 2 until end July 2015. The calendar does not reflect real-time availability so please have alternative dates in mind when you contact us to request Launchpad as part of your visit itinerary.

For KS2 dates from September 2015 please check the calendar on this page.

Alongside your Launchpad booking you can also request places at one of our lively science shows. To find out more about the gallery and the science shows click here.

Please be aware that after 14:30 other age groups can be booked into the gallery so older and younger children may be present too.

This gallery is closing on Monday 2 November 2015 while we develop a super new interactive gallery due to open in late 2016 - see what we have planned for the future.

60 minutes
Suitable for:
ages 7-11
Places per session:
Pre-booking req'd:
Supervisory ratio:

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April 2015

DateStarts Ends  
Wednesday 29 April 201510:00-16:30