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Media Space presents bold and exciting exhibitions drawing on our world-class National Photography Collection and the broader Science Museum collections.

The works we exhibit represent collaborations between photographers, artists, curators and the creative industries, exploring relationships between, and histories of, photography, science, art and technology.

Currently showing:


Joan Fontcuberta

23 July 2014 - 9 November 2014



Joan Fontcuberta (born 1955) is an artist whose works investigate the truth and reliability of photography. Using the visual languages of journalism, advertising, museum displays and scientific journals, he fabricates documentary narratives that combine reality and fiction.

Stranger than Fiction presents six of Fontcuberta’s best-known works which mix fact with fiction and science with art.

Fauna (1987) and Herbarium (1984) are zoological and botanical studies of newly discovered species. In Orogenesis (2002) Fontcuberta creates landscapes from computer-generated data, while Constellations (1993) is an astrological study of new star systems. Sirens (2000) is an investigation into the discovery of mermaid fossils and Karelia, Miracles & Co (2002) documents the bizarre miracles performed by a secluded monastic sect.

“Photography is a tool to negotiate our idea of reality. Thus it is the responsibility of photographers to not contribute with anaesthetic images but rather to provide images that shake consciousness.”
– Joan Fontcuberta

Fontcuberta is a master of photographing ideas. Compelling and convincing, yet also subversive and deadpan, his works are an investigation into photography’s authority and act as a starting point for discussion around our inclination to believe what we see.

Download the exhibition guide (pdf) for more information about each of the six works on display.

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Funders and supporters for Media Space

Media Space is a collaboration between the Science Museum and the National Media Museum in Bradford, home of the National Photography Collection. The Principal Founding Sponsor of Media Space is Virgin Media. The major donor to the project is the Dana and Albert R Broccoli Foundation set up by the family of the late Bond producer. The opening programme has been made possible through the support of Founding Partner Hyundai Motor UK. Media Space has also received generous support in the form of donations or artworks for auction from a large number of individuals, companies and artists.

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