On Display

Countless Colours

Countless Colours has three incredibly vivid and intense bulbs that allow you to make any colour you want. Rich reds, mellow yellows and deep purples are all possible on this compelling exhibit.

Echo Tube

You don’t need an Alpine valley or an underground tunnel to play around with echoes. Isaac Newton experimented in a courtyard, and with our huge Echo Tube you can explore your own echo in Launchpad.

Energy Store

At Energy Store you do the hard work, pumping water to a tank high above your head. As the water flows back down, it turns a turbine to make electricity. Can you generate enough power to turn on a TV?

Air Cannon

Heave on a rope to lift a heavy bowling ball, then let it drop back down. As the bowling ball falls it forces air through a narrow tube, sending a small ball at the other end rocketing into the air.

Arch Bridge

Have a go at building Launchpad's Arch Bridge. Even without glue or screws the Arch Bridge is strong enough to support you and your friends, so build it then test its strength.

Sticky Liquids

How does a liquid's viscosity (or runniness) affect how it drips, pours or even spins? Compare three liquids to find out for yourself at this collection of sticky exhibits.

Shadow Trap

In Launchpad we've got a wall which can freeze your shadow - strike a pose, wait for the flash, then turn around to see your shadow trapped on the wall. What's the weirdest shadow you can make?

Sound Patterns

You can't see sound, but you can play with its effects at Sound Patterns. Adjust the sound to find the frequencies that will make the water in the tube jump and dance around.

Thermal Imaging

See the world differently with our Thermal Imaging Camera, which detects heat rather than light. Which bit of you will appear hottest on the screen?

Icy Bodies

At Icy Bodies watch carbon dioxide turn straight from a solid into a gas, creating swirling misty patterns as the solid pellets ricochet across the surface of a pool of water.