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Key Stage 1:

  • Ideas and evidence in science
  • Investigative skills – planning, obtaining and presenting evidence and considering evidence and evaluating
  • Changing materials
  • How the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed
  • Describing changes that occur when materials are mixed

Early Years Foundation Stage:

  • Students will identify and find out about some features of living things, objects and events they observe during this activity
  • Look closely at similarities, differences, patterns and change
  • Build and construct with a wide range of objects, selecting appropriate resources, and adapting their work where necessary
  • Select the tools and techniques they need to shape, assemble and join the materials they are using
  • Activities based on first-hand experiences that encourage exploration, observation, problem-solving, prediction, critical thinking, decision-making and discussion
  • Model investigative behaviour and raise questions such as, ‘What do you think?’, ‘Tell me more about...?’, ’What will happen if...?’, ‘What else could we try?’, ‘What could it be used for?’ and ‘How might it work?