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Carbon Cycle Caper


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In this activity students 'play out' the carbon cycle, to understand how it has been affected by our use of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution and how this underlies current worries about climate change.

The documents below explain how to run the activity and provide all the templates and materials you'll need.

Carbon Cycle Caper teachers' notes212.4Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper crib sheet174.1Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper station signs4.1Mb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 1 questions189.7Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 2 questions53.3Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 2 process cards59.4Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 3 stickers53.4Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 3 process cards63Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper game 4 process cards75.1Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle diagram261.3Kb .pdf
Carbon Cycle Caper - where is carbon?228.4Kb .pptx
Climate Science background briefing224.5Kb .pdf

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