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Crime Lab kit



How to order

The Crime Lab kit costs £137 + VAT (£164.40) with free delivery within the UK.

Prices differ for overseas orders due to postage costs.

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The kit is supplied by our partner Philip Harris who will manage your order.

Philip Harris is a division of Findel Education Ltd. Registered in England no. 1135827.

What's in the kit?

The kit provides:

  • a 3-minute film to set the fictional scene of an attempted robbery at the Science Museum.
  • all the equipment and 'crime scene evidence' for the three activities described below. These materials are mostly reusable. 
  • PowerPoint presentations to introduce the activities.
  • student log-books for you to print.
  • posters to advertise the activities through your STEM Club.

The activities comprise:

Fuming fingerprints

In this activity, your students learn how to develop latent fingerprints with vapour-deposited superglue fumes – the same technique used by crime-scene investigators. NB: it is essential to use a fume-cupboard for this activity.



Swipe card

Your students will code and decode swipe cards collected at the scene of the crime to discover hidden information to help identify the thief.



Students will investigate to what extent bite marks can be used to identify a suspect. Because your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints, police officers can also use dental records to identify somebody. This activity provides the final piece of evidence to solve the crime.