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Mars Mission kit



How to order

Mars Mission kit costs £169.00 + VAT (£202.80) with free delivery within the UK.

Prices differ for overseas orders due to postage costs.

Place an order (UK) 

Place an order (international)

The kit is supplied by our partner Philip Harris who will manage your order.

Philip Harris is a division of Findel Education Ltd. Registered in England no. 1135827.

What's in the kit?

The kit provides:

  • a 3-minute film to set the fictional scene of a (fictional) mission to Mars.
  • all the equipment and for the three activities described below. These materials are mostly reusable. 
  • PowerPoint presentations to introduce the activities.
  • student log-books for you to print.
  • posters to advertise the activities through your STEM Club.

The activities comprise:

Mars rover

This activity will encourage your students to choose wheels for their rover that are the most suitable for the surface provided. The rovers work well on many surfaces, and for an extra challenge we provide ideas for simulating a ‘Mars-like’ surface, just like real Mars researchers do.

UV detector

Your students will explore how to protect a ‘simulated hand’, which they have coated with colour-changing paint, from UV radiation. Anyone going to Mars will have to think carefully about what to wear, as UV radiation on Mars is much greater than here on Earth.


Your students will conduct experiments to find out the best way for setting up and managing a greenhouse that uses hydroponic growing methods. This greenhouse would provide the environment in which your students could grow their own food on Mars.