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Curriculum links



This activities links to the following areas of the Science National Curriculum:

Key Stage 3

Key concepts
1.1. Scientific thinking - a. Using scientific ideas and models to explain phenomena and developing them creatively to generate and test theories.

Key processes
2.1. Practical and enquiry skills - 1. Use a range of scientific methods and techniques to develop and test ideas and explanations.
2.2. Critical understanding of evidence1. Evaluate scientific evidence and working methods.

Range and content
3.1. Energy, electricity and forces
a. Forces are interactions between objects and can affect their shape and motion.

Key Stage 4

How Science works
1.2. Practical and enquiry skills
a. Plan to test a scientific idea, answer a scientific question or solve a scientific problem.
b. Collect data from primary or secondary sources, including using ICT sources and tools.
c. Work accurately and safely, individually and with others, when collecting first-hand data.
d. Evaluate methods of collection of data and consider their validity and reliability as evidence.
1.3. Communication skills
a. Recall, analyse, interpret, apply and question scientific information or ideas.

Breadth of study
2.2. Chemical and material behaviour
d. The properties of a material determine its uses.