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Launchball can be used in a variety of ways to support your teaching:

  • ideas and concepts you have already covered in class can be reinforced through the simulated interactions on screen – for example, heat conducting.
  • students can use the game for open ended investigations of new concepts – such as electromagnetism or turbines.
  • students can use problem solving skills and science skills to work through the existing levels and new challenges created by you or themselves.

There are 29 preset game levels along with countless others that you and your students can build in the ‘Create your own’ area. To help you easily link particular game levels with your schemes of work here are three games for each theme that you can use with students across a range of abilities:

Nice and simple: 'Lights and mirrors' (in Warm up)
A bit more tricky: 'Mirror mirror' (In Sneaky - can be done with just two mirrors)
Pretty challenging: 'Reflect perfect' (in Crafty)

Nice and simple: 'Fire and ice' (in Crafty)
A bit more tricky: 'The hairdryer' (in Sneaky)
Pretty challenging: 'Beat the gate' (in Crafty)

Forces and motion
Nice and simple: 'Bomb chamber' (in Tricky)
A bit more tricky: 'Flying bounce' (in Tricky)
Pretty challenging: 'It’s a breeze' (in Crafty)

Energy transfer
Nice and simple: 'In hot water' (in Tricky)
A bit more tricky: 'The train' (in Tricky)
Pretty challenging: 'A bridge too far' (in Sneaky)

Electricity and magnetism
Nice and simple: 'Rubber soul' (in Tricky)
A bit more tricky: 'Switch bounce' (in Tricky)
Pretty challenging: 'Dream machine' (in Crafty)