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Curriculum links



Thingdom is relevant to the following aspects of programmes of study in England and Wales, and equivalent curricula in Scotland and Northern Ireland:

KS3 Science (QCA 2007)
1.2b - examine the ethical and moral implications of using and applying science
3.3 - all living things show variation

KS4 Science (QCA 2007)
4 - applications and implications of science
5b - variation within species can lead to evolutionary changes

BTEC First Applied Science (2006)
Unit 5, 3 - understand that genes are responsible for inheritance and variation withing species, leading to evolutionary change.

KS3 and KS4 Citizenship (QCA 2007)
2.1a - engage with/question and reflect on different ideas, opinions, assumptions, beliefs and values when exploring topical and controversial issues and problems
4a - debate in groups and whole-class discussion topical and contemporary issues including those of concern to young people
4j - make links between Citizenship and work in other subjects